26 | Belly Button Medicine “A Navel Idea?”

What is a Belly Button? Why do people think it would be useful for healing?

The navel (clinically known as the umbilicus, colloquially known as the belly button) is a protruding, flat, or hollowed area on the abdomen at the attachment site of the umbilical cord. All placental mammals have a navel. The umbilicus is used to visually separate the abdomen into quadrants. It is also the very center of DaVinci’s Vitruvian man.

Located in the center of the abdomen, referred to as the hara, reside the organs that give us life. In their center we find the navel, the Chinese acupuncture point CV 8 Shen Que, Spirit Gate, that refers to the place where we received that life from our mother by way of the umbilical cord. As such, these areas are the focal point of energy in our body from which life is given, sustained, and taken away.

Navel (Nabhi) is the focus of the Pechoti method

•The Pechoti method comes from Ayurvedic medicine. Ayurveda is an ancient medicinal practice that originated in India. It focuses on connections between physical and spiritual health. The “Pechoti” is behind the navel (nabhi), which supposedly has more than 72,000 veins. Also, the Pechoti gland is supposedly connected to a combination of over 70 million nerves, tissues and organs throughout the body.

Modern Navel Oils

People now claim that many conditions can be treated by putting different oils in the navel. This belief may be based on the fact that you absorbed nutrients through the navel tissues and the umbilical cord when you were in the womb. Therefore, these same navel tissues could also pass the essential oils, the thinking goes. They claim the type of oil can “detect” the “dried up vein” and act directly on it.


•“Applying oil in the navel heals the dryness of the eyes, poor view, the pancreas, the heels, and chapped lips, keeps the face bright, the hair healthier, for knee pain, the chills, lethargy, pain in the joints and dry skin. 

• Apply Neem (Indian evergreen tree) Oil in your belly button – to get rid of stubborn pimples and acne

• Apply Almond Oil in your belly button- to help achieve a glowing face

•Apply Mustard Oil in your belly button – to get rid of dry, chapped lips. Will also keep your intestines moving to remove harmful bacteria but keep the good. Actually works as a mild detox. Also claimed to work for tremors, lethargy, and joint pain.

• Apply olive oil or coconut oil – to improve your fertility

•You can keep alcohol dipped cotton on your belly button – to cure a cold, flu and a running nose. When a baby has stomach pain, I put a few drops directly in the navel and I give the massage around the naval a few minutes, the pain is cured. Oil works the same way.

•Keep brandy soaked cotton ball on your belly button – to ease menstrual pain and cramps

•Apply pure, clarified butter (“Ghee” obtained from cow milk) on your belly button – to soften your skin, if warmed can then improve blood flow and build the immune system

•Apply lemon oil on your belly button – to get rid of face pigmentation

•Sesame Oil – Joint paint

•Mustard/ginger oil – stomach pain/digestive issues

•Thyme oil – relaxes arteries and veins, and will strengthen the heart

•Castor Oil – Knee pain

Navel Moxibustion

•In moxibustion, the leaves of the Chinese herb mugwort (Artemesia vulgaris or ai ye in Chinese) are dried and then burned. The herb in its dried state is called moxa and can either be rolled into balls and cones or bought commercially in very short or long rolls.

Using moxibustion on specific acupuncture points is said to strengthen the body’s immune system, or wei qi. Navel moxibustion is said to stimulate the stomach gas, clear the meridians, promote blood flow, regulate the body’s organ functions, and stimulate the body’s healing properties during different diseases.

The Pechoti method with Phonophoresis
ultimate Ayurvedic healing with essential oil and sound frequencies

“We use this Pechoti gland in a more modern method, with naturally pure essential oils and the use of phonophoresis, sound frequencies by tuning forks with the frequency of Venus, Moon, unconditional love and DNA repair. We can also use a kinesiology test and the symbols of the womb to determine which female aspects are no longer in harmony with the mother energy.” —> https://www.balkaninspirit.com/the-pechoti-method/

*Does any of it have any evidence? What about the theory?

Once you leave the womb, the flow of blood and fluids through the cord gradually stops. Then, the doctor cuts off the umbilical cord, which is the only method of transmission between mom and baby. All that’s left behind on your navel after birth are skin tissues and hard, solid ligaments that eventually fall off or seal up. There’s no gland left here that can absorb anything.

2014 study “Bridging Ayurveda with evidence-based scientific approaches in medicine” Bhushan Patwardhan. Researcher basically says they do not use the scientific method or empirical evidence in anything they do and until they actually prove something legitimately there is no reasonable data to show any belly button healing does anything.

Probably safe, no proof of effectiveness.


1970 – “Belly Button Magizine” – Original first issue, 30 Euros! https://www.todocoleccion.net/coleccionismo-adultos-revistas/belly-button-vol-1-no-1-calga-publisher-july-1970-erotic-magazine~x204630985#sobre_el_lote

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