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Human’s have believed that drinking blood has been a cure for all ills since Biblical times. Animal or human blood was consumed because it was considered the source of life.

‘For the blood is the life’ -Dracula (originally from Deuteronomy 12:23)

Every known civilization has a legend of blood drinking demons or vampires that feed from the blood of the living, but the modern idea of vampires comes from one man who really existed.

Vlad Dracula 1428 – 1476???

Vlad Dracula – “Vlad the Impaler” is where most of the modern legend comes from. Actual man who was ruthless in battle and would impale his enemies and then feast amungst their corpses (allegedly dipping his bread in their blood) Vlad was the second of four brothers born into the noble family of Vlad II Dracul. His sobriquet Dracula (meaning “son of Dracul”) was derived from the Latin draco (“dragon”) after his father’s induction into the Order of the Dragon, created by Holy Roman Emperor Sigismund for the defense of Christian Europe against the Ottoman Empire.

Initially, Ancient Roman Physicians would prescribe goat or lamb blood for epilepsy. They later decided that drinking the blood of slain gladiators was even better.

NewYorker (history of blood)
Pope Innocent VIII – 1432 – 25 July 1492

Pope Innocent VIII in 1492; some claimed that he was transfused with or—at the very least—had drunk the blood of 3 ten-year-old Jewish boys. On his deathbed to restore his vigor. It did not work, as he died… A mysterious inscription on his tomb in Saint Peter in Rome states: “Nel tempo del suo Pontificato, la gloria della scoperta di un nuovo mondo” (transl. “During his Pontificate, the glory of the discovery of a new world.“). The fact is that he died seven days before the departure of Christopher Columbus for his supposedly first voyage over the Atlantic, raising speculations that Columbus actually traveled before the known date and re-discovered the Americas for the Europeans before the supposed date of 12 October 1492.” – Carnimeo, Nicolò (19 May 2014)

Drinking Blood: A Disorder or Safe Treatment for Some Conditions?

“A Quack who sold patent cures popularized it and then effectively shot himself in the ass. He claimed drinking fresh warm Ox blood could restore the vigor of life to all manor of complaints and could restore life to those who were under a vampire’s attack. However, several competitors quickly jumped on the bandwagon since Ox blood was cheap and plentiful and it was rather easy to add a few drops of morphine or opium to the bottle. Original Quack ran an ad stating that bottled Ox Blood wouldn’t do it, the fresher the better, so people stopped buying it completely and went to their local butcher.”

This quickly moved to patent medicines of animal blood to keep the customers!

•“Bovinine” was an alcoholic mixture of beef blood, salt, and glycerin, and was marketed as something to strengthen the body.

“Blood Drinking Samaritans” A Curious Missouri Sect Who Believe Human Blood is a Panacea For All Ailings Kansas City, Jan. 26, 1890. A few days ago Secretary of the Humane Society Huckett received the following letter: Mr. Huckett—There is somethin I think ought to be called to your attenshen at once which I think is bad for a civilized community, there is John Wrinkle and his two children He has ben sick and he is crazy on religion. His little girl Minnie is 13 year old and is boy John is 11. Wrinkle has heard of people drinken blod at sloughter houses for their health and he said he believed in the bible that it preeched that the well should make sacrifises for the sick. He did blead the little girl and boy until they are recks and he did drink the blod. It has leaked out and unless something is done by you the neighbors will take things into their own hands and that quick too. He lives on a little piece of land near the new city limits. Yours respectfully GEORGE WEST. p.s. send some officers.

Is drinking blood safe?

Theoretically, drinking blood would help the body get more iron, and overcome anemia. Because blood is so rich in iron — and because the body has difficulty excreting excess iron — any animal that consumes blood regularly runs a risk of iron overdose. While iron is necessary for all animals (and indeed most life), in high doses it can be toxic. (This is why you should always have child proof caps on iron and iron containing supplements and keep them out of the reach of children.) Blood-borne illnesses and diseases are also a large concern.

This episode also features our friend “The Quack Doctor” – so check out her website and book of the same name!

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