Meet the Quacks!

Dr Will the Pill

Will is a Doctor of Pharmacy with over 10 years experience working in Pharmacy. Each week he researches a unique topic in the world of Quackery medicine and shares it with his co-host Jon. He has a loving wife, two wonderful children and the best dogs in the world. He attended Pharmacy School at MUSC and has been described by many saying “He is nice and he loves sandwiches”. Which is spot on. He likes playing tactical video games and golf and he loves watching college football and basketball.


Jon is a veteran podcaster who runs the Talkocast network of podcasts and hosts the show Talk Murder to Me. He married one of his co-hosts Nicole! A veteran podcaster and veteran of the US armed forces, Jon asks the best questions each week and provides hilarious commentary to accompany Dr Pill’s medical information. He is thirsty for knowledge and also for beer.

Guest Stars


Zac is a regular on the show and expert in all things waste water! He asks very thoughtful questions and has quite the unique sense of humor. There seems to be no area of Quackery Zac has not at least heard of.


Heather the Pill is Will’s better half and also makes rare guest appearances on the show. She always keeps the Pill in line and always has a good zinger or two!


Nicole is Jon’s wife and co-host of the Talk Murder to Me Podcast on the Talkocast network. She also runs all the financial aspects of the network and is quite the geography buff! (3rd place geography bee!)

Mike Corvino

Mike is a jack of all trades Doctor of Pharmacy who sometimes graces the podcast with his presence. Rumor is he never sleeps, as he is too busy growing his own Podcast “CorConsultRx” and running the entire Pharmacy world. Did I mention that he used to fight MMA professionally? And raised and sold exotic reptiles? (nickname Mike Exotic pending…) Mike is a knowledgeable and hilarious guest host. He was also a student under Will the Pill and therefore anything he accomplishes can be attributed to good direction while in school under Dr Pill.

If you are interested in a suggesting a topic for the Quacks to cover, head over to our Official Quackhead page and become a fan! Lots of love and stickers included!

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